Motherboard details

The top board, which houses the microcontroller, is very simple. I used a ZIF socket to house the basicx24 chip, I have a simple voltage regulation circuit, a reset switch, and various headers for connecting servos and sensors. Each line of headers on the left hand side has signal (nearest microcontroller), +5V, and GND connections. In the picture of the robot in the previous post you can see one of these being used for the sensor power. On the right hand side I used a female header so that I could just jam in wires instead of going to the bother of connectorising everything that I use. I laid out the circuit so I could use veroboard (or strip board) and the layout diagram (from Eagle CAD) is shown below. Red wires represent wires and blue represent the horizontal strips in the board. Obviously holes need to be drilled at various points so that certain connections are avoided. On the left hand side header I had to isolate every pin from each other horizontally, and I used a bare wire and solder to connect them up vertically.




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