More than a PIC – the PICAXE

I got so far with my Microchip PIC development until I realised that the learning curve was steepening! The open source compiler I was using wasn’t really up to the job and the ‘real’ compilers were very expensive (for casual use). So I started looking around again…
I came back to looking at the PICAXE chips. For some reason I’d overlooked them but quickly realised they were just what I needed. All the elements are there:

  • Cheap chips (few quid each)
  • Free compiler
  • Cheap cables and no special programmers
  • Great documentation (I bought a cheap book too although much of the info is online!)

Again these use basic. It was so quick to learn that I’d caught up and surpassed my PIC development in a single session. I’m currently controlling a stepper motor from a serial interface. I think I’m doing it differently to other approaches so I will upload some data soon. Until then, go out and buy some PICAXE chips and get programming!!

Update: See the results here!


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