I can’t machine for toffee

I had a go at doing some mechanical work at the weekend. I tried to machine the acrylic I bought and create some kind of joint using a stepper motor. I have to say that I failed rather miserably!

I tried scoring and snapping the stuff only to find that a cut length of anything longer than about 10cm was impossible! A hacksaw proved much better but I really don’t have the benches, vice, etc to make a decent job of it. I’m now thinking about getting something made up. The problem with that is that I’m finding it difficult to start designing when faced with a blank screen on a CAD package. It is holding the robot arm project up though.


In other news…

I purchased some bits off ebay. Firstly I bought some Picaxe compatible kits to help me prototype. Some of these are Picaxe-08 kits so I shall be making some compact stepper motor controls shortly. They were from rkeducation (they also have a web site).

Secondly, inspired by a kite aerial photography (and some RC) videos I decided to buy some radio gear. I now have a 6 channel transmitter and receiver which work well with the servos I have. I see a few more projects coming up…


2 Responses to I can’t machine for toffee

  1. Mike says:

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  2. Mazhar says:

    i am also doing project of final yaer on rebotic arm design 5 Dof.please help me about circuit diagram to control servos motor usind atmel 89c51 microcontrller

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