Robot1 details

29 October, 2007


Wow, that’s messy! There are two main boards: the first is a little motherboard for the BasicX24 and provides regulated voltage and access to the I/O pins, the second takes four of these digital output pins and provides locomotion. The sensor is just plonked on top and it is connected together with a connection block. All logic voltages are sourced from the regulated supply on the motherboard, while the motor supply is taken from 3x AAA batteries in the toy chassis. Boards are held in place with velcro!


My first mobile robot and my first YouTube post!

29 October, 2007

Here I’ve taken an old tank RC toy, added some sensors (LDRs), some brains (a BasicX24 microcontroller), and some motor interface electronics (L293D dual H-bridge IC), written a little routine, and set things going!

It’s very basic at the moment but I’m quite proud that it was built nearly from scratch (except for the hacked toy).

It’s very messy and I’d like to tidy it up but I’m also eager to make some extra sensors and give it a bit more of an intelligence. The main thing to implement is bump or proximity sensors. Notice how the video ends as the robot hits an object it can’t detect!